Improved Nudge functionality

Hi all,

One feature I would like to see improved is the nudge function in layout.
At the moment selecting an object and pushing an arrow key moves the object a set distance in that direction.
This is quite useless when you want to nudge the object a smaller distance.

A better option is to set nudge distance based on zoom level. For example the closer I am zoomed into the object the smaller the nudge distance becomes.

I would love to see this in layout.



Actually, I thing Coreldraw nudge is a good model to follow

set nudge a user defined distance … say 1mm linked to arrow keys

If Control key also pressed then nudge is 5 times default … eg 5mm

If Alt key is pressed them nudge is five times less … eg 0.2mm

of course this could also be linked to viewport scale so readout was in model [not paper] dimensions

This would also be a handy shortcut in SU too!


Illustrator has this feature and it’s very handy. It would be a nice improvement.


Great ideas - certainly get my vote. I use nudge with the arrow keys the whole time when I’m copying and pasting unit numbers. I like it because it keeps my copy in alignment, but I hate that it is so slow to move!

Do you use Shift in conjunction with the cursor keys?

Do you ever use Align for aligning things?


Thank you SOOOO much for telling me about the SHIFT function - just what I was hoping for!

And yes - I do use align - it’s just a few more clicks than I’d like. I’ve even set up a shortcut for it - but with SHIFT CURSOR I don’t think I need it anymore.


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You’re welcome. I’m guessing there are some other things like that about LayOut you’ll want to find. :wink:

Align definitely has its place so it’s good you have keyboard shortcuts.

I’ve been using it for over 10 years now so thought I’d learnt all the tricks, but clearly not … so while we’re on the subject …!

I have to number lots of items on my drawing so they relate to a legend.

I have a scrapbook set up with the numbers formatted how I want them with a black box surround, but clicking between the scrapbook and the drawings multiple times can be it a bit of a pain.

What I’d really love is a way to click on the drawing and automatically drop a number (or letter), then click again and drop that number + 1.

A while back I saw a youtube presentation of a simple extension in SketchUp that did just that … do you know if such a thing exists for Layout?

Or any other tips for quickly adding lots of sequential numbers to a drawing?

Maybe the mysterious Layout API could help, Trimble released it years ago to much hype…

Hopefully there are some people out there working on it …

If it’s of interest I use AutoHotKey to perform multiple nudges.

e.g. I have assigned the space+left keys to perform 20x shift+left and ctrl+left performs 5x left

Sometimes it’s a bit slow and it would have been easier to click, shift and drag but these days I’m trying to minimise mouse clicking where I can


A very valuable tip I also picked up from Dave, during a chat one day.

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Developer VBO has created a few LO Extension that are impressive… perhaps a request to him might be worthwhile for an autonumbering macro

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