Where to change grid settings


Hi there! =) Firstly I love SketchUp, secondly I have question concerning grid. Could you please give me detailed information where I can change it’s settings in SketchUp Pro.
I would be grateful for answer !


SketchUp does not have a native grid feature.

But it has built-in inferencing (hold SHFT key to lock an inference,) …

or, you can use length snapping. Open the ModelInfo dialog, and switch to the Units panel. Check the “Enable length snapping” option, and set what snap increment you like in the entry box on the same line.



Before rushing off to engage length snapping or installing a grid plugin (of which there are a couple), I urge you to consider that SU does not have a true native grid system for a reason, namely, it’s completely unnecessary. Using inferencing, SU’s built-in system of object snaps and dynamic guidelines, you can use any feature on any object, or the axis system, or exact dimensional input, or some combination of these, to locate objects. It is vastly superior to a grid system, which constrains your movements to fairly coarse increments–if the place you want to move isn’t on a grid line, you can’t move there.

Length snapping is about as bad as a grid, in my opinion, because, like a grid, it imposes an arbitrary limit on precision and it interferes with other types of snapping that offer much finer control. To my knowledge, most advanced users turn Length Snapping off.

You’d be wise to allow yourself to get the feel of inferencing and experience its power. Once you do, I doubt you’ll see any further need for a grid.




If you have run into mentions of a grid in the Knowledge base or other documentation, it would be about LayOut that is a separate “paper space” application that is part of the SketchUp Pro package. It has a grid feature.