Move an object to absolute position


Please take a look at the image, I would like to know how I can position an object precisely to a dimension / position on another object with reference to the axes.

I know that I can use the arrow key to lock the axes, and that I can type in a dimension to move, but how can I move the inverted L in the attached image to an exact position 4.5mm from the edge of the second object which is on the axes without moving the object at all in any other axes.

Basically, I want to shift it backwards in the x axis until it’s right edge is 4.5mm from the main objects left edge, but I don’t want to shift it in the Y or Z axes ?

I am a newbie and although I am able to quite easily grasp the other tools, I am really struggling to get to grips with accurate positioning of one object in relation to another :frowning:

Use the Tape Measure tool to measure from the corner over 4.5 mm. Select the L shape, get the Move tool and grab at the lower left corner (where your red arrow extends from. Press the right arrow (cursor) key to constrain the move in the red direction and move the cursor to the guide point. You might need to orbit the camera a bit to the right so you’ll be able to see the guide point.

Dave, thanks, that worked I did not know that you could use the measure to create a guide point, I thought it was only for measurement.

But your’e right, clicking on the guide point is not easy, I had to flip it up slightly so that I was looking at the underside.

You can use the VCB to move to absolute positions:

To enter global coordinates, use square brackets, such as [3’, 4’, 5’].

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I would first grab the L at its corner, move it onto the other object with Move Tool and then move it again 4,5mm. That’s slightly faster than drawing a later deleting a guide line.

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