Aligning cabinet knobs contiguously to faces of cabinets

Does anybody know of a training video that focuses on placing knobs onto cabinet drawings?

This has to be the slowest part of my process and the part I look forward to the least.
I download a knob from the warehouse and no matter what I do it just floats in space.
The knob will often appear to be lined up properly but when I rotate view that it is not at all contiguous with the face of the cabinet. It will instead be floating somewhere out in front of the cabinet.

My general approach is to push it into the cabinet face then pull on it till it pops out.
There has to be a better way.

When I align other objects I can just drag by the corner till it snaps to adjacent geometry.
This technique, however, eludes me when I try to snap to the middle of an object face.

Any suggestions how to do this or where to look?

Try Xray on and View>Hidden geometry
Placing a knob on a drawer isn’t any different then moving other objects or components, you need to know which point goes where.
The ‘insertion point’ of (3D warehouse) components is the origin of the component. You can right click and place it on a more suitable point( eg. Center of the knob where it meets the drawer, or a reference point)

I have a cabinet door plugin that gives you ability to add handles / pulls into a folder and they become available to choose when inserting a cabinet door.

Lots of door styles including arches and cathedrals. You can create your own raised panel profiles etc. Works for frame less or face frame construction.


This might be relevant.


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