How to accurately place imported objects in a model

I am having trouble accurately placing some door handles I imported to my model

There are lots of ways to have trouble, and lots of ways to place something accurately. You’ll have to include more info, a better description of your problem, or a screen shot of your model, or better yet upload the file that is giving you troubles by including it in a response here.

I have a pair of door handles imported into my model, I want to place them in the proper location on the front of the door

I have a screen shot, how do I upload it to the forums?

drag and drop the file into a response window.

I tried dragging it to the reply window , but nothing happened

Try using the eighth button across the top of a response window, the upload button.

Probably too large to upload directly.

When I create components such as door handles, I place the component’s origin and axes so they are easy to insert. When you drag the component in from the Components collection you’ll have hold of it by the component’s origin.


With all of my knobs and pulls having the same relative axis set up it also makes it easy to replace one with another.

these handles were imported from the 3d warehouse, and it is hard to find the origin and axis

You can edit the component to see its origin and axis orientation. You can change it to suit by right clicking on the component and selecting Change Axes.

so you place guidelines and then once you determine axis and origin on the imported handles, use those to locate the handles?

Basically. I create my own hardware components and intentionally place the component origin and axes to suit the way I want to insert them. If I had to use components made by others I would first modify them so the origins and axes were located where I want them before I would insert them into my project.

It is possible to give components gluing properties so they will glue onto faces. I don’t often use that for my own components because it doesn’t work well with the guidelines. Most often my projects involve a single piece as in my example and I always position the model with the front parallel to the red axis. In cases such as kitchen cabinet projects. It’s easy enough to rotate the model axes temporarily before placing the components.

Thanks, I think I have enough info to be able to figure it out