Wrong face of component snapping to surface

Hi, I’m fairly new to sketchup, but I have done a ton of googling and can’t seem to find an explanation that deals with my problem. I made a doorknob into a component and I am trying to place it on several cabinet doors. My problem is that the front of the doorknob is snapping to the cabinet surface instead of the back of the doorknob. Also, it’s not even centered - it’s snapping the corner of the component instead of the center. How do I change which part of the component snaps?

What is happening vs what I want to happen:

Probably have the axes of the knob component incorrectly positioned or the face orientation and the cabinet door is wrong. Share the .skp file so we can see what you’re working with and get you sorted.

If you want to place the knob by its center, the component’s origin needs to be at the center. And if you want to stick the back of it on a face, the origin needs to be at the back of the knob.

If you’ve set the component to have gluing properties the axes need to be oriented as below.

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Ahh, changing the axes to the way you demonstrated solved it. I figured there must be something simple I was missing. Thank you so much!

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