Components that snap to a surface

I am new to pro andwhen I use any of the premade components they snap to a surface when I move them near the surface. But when I create my own components they always stay in the same orientation. How do I get my components to snap to the normal of a surface?

Right click on the component and choose ‘change axes’

You need to make your components as ‘Glue To’ components to get them to act the same way as the pre-made once you described. So they then snap to and glue to a face with their local red/green plane on face.


  • create a large face
  • draw something on that face, select it and make it a component (not the face).
  • you’ve now created a ‘Glue To’ component.
  • select the component in your component browser and apply it to/on a face.
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In the dialog when you create a component there are items you can set to make a component glue-to.

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Okay thank you for the help. But now I turned on the glue to but now it snaps to the face in the wrong direction. The component is a doorknob and I have two of them (1 for each side of the door. But the3y snap so that they are both parallel to the door. How do I change this?

OK, now you have it snapping/gluing.
Now you need to ensure your component’s axes are properly oriented.
The BLUE axis needs to be perpendicular to the face that it will then glue onto.
If you make your component’s parts already positioned on a face, then when you make it, SketchUp orients the new component’s axes accordingly, otherwise, when you create a component you can set its axes etc in the creation dialog…
You can also set its gluing and cutting behaviors at the same time.
BUT, you can also change any component’s axes later on… using the context-menu on an instance, and you can also reset its gluing/cutting behaviors in the Component Browser > Model, Edit mode…

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