Alignment of Components

I need some help. This has been driving me insane and its time to turn to the pros. This shouldn’t be complicated, but wow.
I have this fence componet. The end post is on the red axis but for the life of me, no matter how I try to rotate the component, I cannot line it up on the red axis. It skips over it, almost like its snapping to lines on either side of the red axis. Hints and tricks?

If the end of the post is on the red axis you should be able to get the rotate tool on its center then make sure you select the center of the post on the other end. The rotation should context click onto the red axis. If you are selecting another point at the other end, that will be the part that snaps to the red axis.

OMG whiterabbitdesgncompany … that was so easy! I did not realize I could tap into the point of the last post. So cool!

Thank you!

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The inferencing for snapping is based on the point selected rather than the part itself, although in 2020 there are now corner handles on groups/components too. So with rotations and moves make sure to select the specific part of the item with the tool that you want to snap to something else.