Rotate Alignment of Components

I am trying to align a component to a line or guide. The component is a steel tube that I am using as a brace. it is on an angle both left to right and front to back. Is it possible to rotate it so that it will allign to an existing line. Its very difficult to rotate one way then the other and I still cant seem to make it match up

If you attach your model it would be easier to show you.

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30 x 20.skp (11.8 MB)

I’ve taken the parts out into a blank model just to make the screen recording easier.
I have used the edge you have in the center of the tube to center it on the endpoint of the other edge, then used shift (you could use the up arrow) to lock on the blue axis and rotate once, then click drag to set the axis of rotation for the other direction, in both cases using the edge to snap to the other edge.
Hope the gif makes it clear, you can see the magenta inference when it aligns correctly.
Tube rotate

Ive got the horizontal rotation worked out but cant seem to get the correct vertical axis

Maybe drawing in the axis of rotation will help. See how the edge turns magenta when it is at right angles to the edge, you then use that to drag out the rotation tool to set the axis of rotation.

The other option of course would be to draw the pipe in place, you can place a circle perpendicular to the edge with either the pie tool or an extension called Perpendicular face tools.

OK, got it.

Thank you very much for your help!

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@Box what do you use for your demonstration animations? Is there a good tutorial for them?


Many people use Licecap, it’s free, but any screen recorder will do it.
As for tutorial, start recording, do something, stop recording.


Hi Again,

One more quick question. I notice that when you rotate the component goes into xray when moving. How do you set it to do that. The only xray setting I have puts everything into xray until I turn it off.

I’m using a mac.


That is a new feature in 2020.

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