What do I need to learn to make these parts line up

Im not sure what term I need to search for to make this panel line up with the posts.
is it inferencing or alignment ? I have used the rotate tool the best I can but I cant seem to make the panel of metal be on the same plane as the posts .


Do you want the panel to be parallel to the guideline? The Rotate tool can get it aligned for you. Then you can move it into the rabbet.

How about uploading the SKP file so we can show you easily.

Hi Dave
yes I want the panel parallel,I was trying to sort out stuff without being a pest and just saying can someone show me

end panel.skp (166.3 KB)

Showing with your model is easiest.

Use the Rotate tool. Either hit the Up arrow to lock the rotation around the blue direction or hold Shift until you click for the center of rotation. Zoom in so you can see what you are doing and then look for the On Red… inference message.

By the way, I think you want to fix the legs. It looks like you made one and made it a component. Then you opened the component for editing and copied the geometry.

It should probably be arranged this way. Maybe the leg on the left should also have a groove?

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Thanks very much
I was just practicing what you showed me and it works a charm.

The legs are a bit of a mix up,I have been playing with some different ways to fix the sheet of iron to them.

I can’t remember what I did with the legs but I did notice that making changes to one did not get replicated on the copy leg ( which I thought was how it should happen). Can this happen because I opened the component and copied the geometry ?

Thanks again for your help

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Yes! Exactly! When you are editing geometry in the component, it’s like you never made a component at all.

Terrific !
I have deleted the legs and will start again
Much appreciated


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You’re quite welcome.

Earlier this year I designed some planters to be made with corrugated metal panels. These were for an Eagle Scout project for the son of a friend of mine.

There are grooves in the verticals and top rail. The bottom rail has a rabbet that is slightly beveled toward the inside. A few screws were partially driven behind the metal to keep it from getting pushed in. It lets the rain water drain away.


Wow !
that looks awesome !

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