Rotating a tube or pipe


I am working with (a model) 4" PVC pipe, and have already pre-built the fittings i need such as the couplings and 90 degree turns as components.

but every time i try to rotate one of the fittings (or anything round/tubular, not square) i get odd angles.
as far as i can tell this is because i am setting my axis across the tube. but there is no strait line axis to grab to rotate.


you could set the axis on all your components to the center of the pipe, better still, place a center reference line on a nominated layer and switch scenes where this and the pipe layer toggles to help you manipulate


Have you tried using the rotate function of the Move tool? I have found this very useful with oddly shaped components.

Select the component
Select move tool
Move cursor toward a side if the bounding box and some red + signs should appear.
Click one and you can type the desired angle of rotation followed by enter.

Could be worth a shot, hope this helps.


I did thank you, I figured that out about 2 min after i sent the post,

sorry for the bother, thanks for the help


It’s no bother, that’s what the community’s here for. :wink:


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