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I wonder can anyone help me with the following. I’m trying to build a pyramid out of metal pipes, so first I’ve constructed a metal pipe component and then tried building a pyramid out of them, just like in real life. The reason for that is, I wanted to see how to perfectly cut the pipes and get the seamless connections of the pipes in the real-world construction. My problem begins when I try to rotate the perpendicular pipe to an angle that is not on either of the default planes. To be more clear I have provided the image that shows the perpendicular pipe, the guide point, and the guide line upon which the pipe should go. Any help appreciated, thank you.

Rotate tool (with click-hold-drag)

with just changing the axes


wow! thank you <3

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You could also draw just the centrelines of the pipes, then use either FollowMe or the plugin PipeAlongPath to draw the pipes.

Then use Intersect Faces with model, to show the intersections at the pipe joins, and delete surplus faces and edges.

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or to automate…use “draw 3 shape - pyramid” , deselect faces then eneroth pipe.

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thank you, I really like that there is so many methods. Thanks a lot for the effort and I am also keen to try this method also.

Thank you, this by far look like the easiest method. Very neat solution.

I’m sorry where do I found 3d shape, it’s not standard in the Sketchup and I can’t find it as an extension. I’ve done my pyramid, but I would like to try this really neat method

A quicky.

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And yet another way to make a pyramid.

Draw a square for the base with rectangle tool.

Draw both diagonals with line tool.

Delete the four faces which that forms.

Use Move tool, locked to blue axis (tap Up arrow key), to pull up the intersection of the diagonal to the height you want.

search “shapes” for primitive shape extension. The other is “Eneroth pipe”

Or see the upgraded version at SketchUcation Plugin Store - SU Draw Parametric Shapes