How to rotate around custom axis that has been moved?

Learning Sketchup and not new to 3d.

I’ve created a component and moved the axis. The new axis is in and around a bunch of other objects. When I click the rotate tool to use it on the component, it snaps all over the place but never where I’ve moved the component’s axis to.

How can I rotate a component around its moved axis when it’s in a complex model?

You can set the axis of rotation by using click drag.
This lets you pick a point and drag along an edge to set that edges as the rotation point.
Show or share you model for a fuller answer.

Thanks for the response. Yea, I have no trouble setting, reorienting or moving the axis. The problem I was having was the ‘move tool’ was not finding that new axis coordinate as a snap point to rotate around. It kept snapping all over to other objects and would not identify the axis as a rotation candidate. I saved and reopened the file and now it “does” find that axis as a candidate for rotation.

So, to help other newbies like myself, if something like this isn’t working, save, close and reopen and it may just play nice again. Sometimes learning a software means learning its quirks too.