Can you save moved axes?

I rotated and moved my axes. I want to temporarily go back to the default axes and then return to my moved axes, but when I reset the axes to return to the default, the moved axes are lost. Is there a way to save them and then quickly restore?

Model axis orientation is a scene attribute. Make a scene with the moved axes.

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A nice thing with axis, besides scenes, is that they are also saved per group/component. If you group your objects or turn them into components you can set your axis inside the components and groups and they will be saved like that.

Another possibility (not as nice as the already mentioned ones…) would be to place a fancy axis object as a reference for the axis tool …

Thank you all.
Those suggestions are very helpful.
In my case the scene option may be best. In that case, I guess can reset the axes, not save the scene, and then when I want to revert to the changed axes just click on the scene again.
However, I could switch back and forth between axes in other scenes.

I meant I could NOT switch to a given axis in another scene if it wasn’t already there.

You should be able to do so.
The scene with the saved specific (=redrawn) axes should have been saved with only the ‘Axes’ option checked. All other options should be disabled when saving the redrawn axes.

Now whenever you select a new scene, you can next click the “redrawn axes” scene tab to see them.

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Clever. Thanks.