Setback of axis when saving the file

Very annoying and it is just maybe just a only me thing.

If I create a square or circle and place the group axis to the center of the rectangle or circle and then press save it moves the axis directly back to it former state. Is this a just me thing or… a bug. Intended would be very strange to me.

Axis reset bug?

Very annoying when I have to replace the axis very minimal, save it and didn’t notice that that it jumps back to a former position.

Close the group before you save.

I know, but thats a work around.

It’s not a workaround, you close the group to complete the action.
Saving only saves the file and is basically irrelevant to what you are doing.

No, I dont’ agree,

first, if you can undo it is should be saved. Its a step what is remembered.

if I agree with you then I still its weird. So, I don’t agree.
It should save the file from memory, not from what is on the screen or in an open state, like an open group. It should not change a screen or working state.

I’ll try one more time.
You can’t save a model with a group or component open for edit. So if you close the group after you edit the axis the group will save the edit to the axis, then you can save the model. The edit to the axis isn’t completed until you close the group.

On the other hand, if you edit the Axis when outside the context of the group you will be editing the model axis and that can be saved by saving the model.

you can try twenty times. You can save a file when a group is open, and most of the actions in an open group will be saved. I know, but thats not my remark or complain. There should be no change on the screen when some one saves something; I never wrote that the axis should be saved before closing the group or action. It leaves the group open and other actions are still there without a screen change; the axis actions work differently.

If I do some actions and open a group and then do a save, the actions before the opening of the group and inside the open group will be saved even the group is open; so you can save the open model in contrast what you wrote. And I try again, changing a screen state on its own is a bad thing.

When you save a file with a group open for editing sketchup has to have a finite point at which it will be able to open the file again. This cannot be with a group open for editing. So as you haven’t completed the edit of the axis by closing the group it has to assume you have changed your mind so it saves the last confirmed state.

You’r joking right. :wink: It has to??? SU decides that I changed my mind?

This cannot be with a group open for editing

Did you try what I wrote?

And again, I don’t talk about what SU is saving, I am talking about the change of something what they shouldn’t do.

And besides of course it can, they can program that; if they can save adding a rectangle that I rotated with using a newly placed axis, and then I place a new axis for a circle without closing the group SU save the former axis and rectangle from within an open groupwithout closing the group. So, why not the latest axis change that I need later in the drawing and model?

Save a file with any group open and close the file, now open the file and tell me what state the group is in, open or closed.

When you change the axis you need to close the group to confirm the change, until you do that it is still in the edit mode.

You don’t read what I wrote. I don’t care about saving.
It’s about changing the current display state. It changing the axis to a previous state. It changed your work position/state. Saved or not, I don’t care.

It is you… you are trying to set the drawing axis to the group. A group does not have an axes, only components do.

I think the point that @Box is trying to make is that the final step to changing the axes of the group is to close out of the group. You are trying to save before closing out of the group, which cancels your axes change operation, reverting it back to the previous, and then saving the file. SketchUp is not changing any operation you’ve completed, because you haven’t completed the operation.

Many other tools have this same behavior. If you use push pull and don’t complete the final step, saving will revert. Same with scaling.

Hold on, let’s stop the confusion!

@Box is right about closing (nested) groups and components before saving a file. That’s the best and safest way to avoid what could lead to errors. 99.99 % of the time things work out just fine and SketchUp closes them for you and even breaks off the active operations or whatever.

@rvamerongen, your description is “somewhat” confusing but let me try.
You are right that after saving the model with an open group SketchUp ends that operation and shows a closed group with its previous local axes, and still being in edit mode. Yes, SketchUp does break off and ignores what you did with the axes. Although the changes to the axes are saved with the model.
Don’t make such a big thing about it. stricktly you are right about a change in displaying, yes.

p.s. I need to add that if you care about working with different drawing axes in a model, there is always the option to save them in scenes.

Sorry @222unknown, both sides were right here. But what you say is not correct. The changed group’s axes are saved. The axes change operation did end right after you see the new axes inside edit mode. That will be saved with the file. Then the displayed state will be an open group with its previous local axes.

A group does not have an axes

So are you telling me that when I change the axes on a group, or flip it on it’s axes, I’m not actually doing that? :sweat_smile:

If the axes are saved correctly, then why do the old axes display again after closing out of SketchUp and reopening the saved file?

For me they don’t. Currently SketchUp Free.

For me, they do. Using Sketchup Pro 2021.

I change the group axes, save the file (without exiting the group), then exit SketchUp, re-open the file. The group axes are displayed as the reverted location (not the location I tried changing them to).

Also, when I change the group axes, and then perform any number of operations after that (all without exiting the group - such as push/pull, drawing more lines, rotating a face), then save. The axes change is still reverted, while all of the extra operations I completed remain. All of the drawing changes I made are present in the saved file, but not the changed axes.

Granted, the three of us are all using different versions of SketchUp on different operating systems.

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If that’s the case, we should all approach the bench … what’s going on here.

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