Group axis and Model axis missaligned



I seem to have messed up axis alignment slightly from one group to another. Entities cut from one group, then pasted-in-place to another, are out of whack. For instance a 7’ long wall measures 1/32" out of line from end to end. When I reset the axis, it is on line. However the axis in the group doesn’t stay reset, but returns to its skewed position after I leave the group, then return. How can I permanently reset the axis of a group to match the original axis of the model? Or is there some other approach to straightening out my model?


I’m not sure that you can actually change the axes of a group…without resorting to Ruby script. Components, yes…groups no.
If the group is on the first level (ie not nested inside another group or component which is itself rotated) then the fastest way to realign with the global axes would simply be to explode the group, then regroup it again while it’s still selected.


You can change the axes of groups. The “right click > change axes” option isn’t available but you can use the ‘Axes’ tool when being in editing context of the group. It will chabge the group’s axes.


I didn’t realise that…but how can you tell where the global axes are when you’re inside the group?


Insidse the group you can see the global axes by ‘Reset’. But they do not change the groups axes.
The ‘Axes’ tool does. The OP could redraw the axes aligned with the wall when inside the group.[quote=“hikerider, post:1, topic:28384”]
… However the axis in the group doesn’t stay reset, …[/quote]
As I mentioned above, they don’t stay once leaving the group. Use the ‘Axes’ tool.

Also specific axes orientations can be stored in scenes and re-used either inside or outside groups contexts. They aren’t tied to a certain context. This may help in certain situations.

It’s hard to describe the exact steps in your case without the specific group in space with its world axes.


These tips are promising. I won’t get to try resolution for a while, but will let you know.


How 'bout this: I have placed guidelines on each global axis to define the global [original] origin. This will be visible and snappable within all groups. Now I will reset the axis, using the Axis Tool, in each nested group that is out of whack. Then reposition the entities is each group as necessary.

Will it work? Is there a better way?


Please share the “problem” file to see what you’ve got and to go through the steps to get things aligned again. I can’t say if your steps will work without seeing the model.
But IMO you don’t need guides.


A simple / fast way to reset group axis to match global is to explode group and regroup. Just make sure it doesn’t stick to other ungrouped objects when you explode.


…which is what @AlanF suggested in the very first reply. :slight_smile:




This doesn’t fully reset the axes. It aligns their directions but the origin point is still different. For some use cases you want a perfect axes match, e.g. to make textures line up properly.

For years I’ve manually drawn some geometry from the global axes, entered a group/component, changed the axes to match the parent geometry, went back and delete the geometry. Quite recently I made a plugin for it: