Reset world axis to (0, 0, 0)

Please create a simple way to reset world axis.

Every model has a world (0, 0, 0) but if you change the axis without a reference back you have to do some tricks to get it back to zero.

Only way to do it now… open a new sketchup file > create a line on x, y and z > Groupe and Copy them > Open the model you want to reset > paste i place > Set axis on the lines you pasted.

Thats alot of work for a simple reset.


Or right click on any axis line and choose Reset.


Did not know about this axis reset feature thanks!

But, does the axis supposed to stay reset after you right-click and hit reset? Because in my case it doesn’t…Am I doing something wrong?


The group axis and the global axis are different.
You reset the axis when outside the group and that shouldn’t affect the group axis.

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I don’t understand. In the example GIF, I enter the group and right-click on the axis, and hit reset from inside the group.

Edit: I think you meant the group axis resets back to what it was when you leave the group… Not sure.

I was saying that the reset option works on the global axis. If you use the reset option while inside a group it doesn’t work as expected.
The question of the thread was about resetting the global axis. I’m not sure if the behavior while editing a group is normal, perhaps the option shouldn’t be available.

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I get it now. I changed the global axis to a different position and when I right-click on the axis it did reset back to (0,0,0).

However, I wouldn’t mind if this worked while inside a group as well, but do not see any practical use at the moment for it.


One use case is to easily adjust nested group’s and component’s orientation to align with the global axes with the ‘Move’ tool.
‘Move’ (> rotate) uses the (any) current axes system to let you enter angles starting from 0 on the used referenced axis. Thus also from resetted axes.

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A local object doesn’t have a fixed 0,0,0 origin , by moving the axis you move that axis and the local origin.

This is unlike the global origin, which is a fixed point in space - the axis you see is simply there for drawing purposes , but not does not change the universe in which you are operating, which is always 0,0,0 regardless of where you place a visible axis.

I think When you create a component- then this component actually gains it’s own 0,0,0 location that you can then set via positioning the axis - this physically moves that 0,0,0 for that component to the new location, but the original location is not stored.
This is treated as the global origin when you open that component by itself as an SKP file.

I’d imagine there are some incredibly boring maths and computer graphics reason for why it works in this way.

Thank You!.. Had no idea that function was there. It works outside groups/components in world view to.

Yes it does. That’s why I posted it.

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