Setback of axis when saving the file

The big thing is not here at my workplace, but became here in this topic/forum. I just showing an annoying bug, and something that shouldn’t happening. If this very same file gets auto-saved it doesn’t change any visible thing or reset something back. I know it’s a differente thing, but it does the same thing.

If someone is working several levels deep in a complex group and you want to save it for safety before SU shows bugsplat, it will smash your axis from under your feet away with an axes.

As other has pointed out, it isn’t reliable, how small or big this thing is. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s a good enough reason to file a bug report or at least get the developers team’s attention on the subject.
p.s. and be cautious with sticking your tongue out. If autosave kicks in you may end up looking that way.


Don’t worry, here that can only happen when it is 00:00 on Friday’s the 13th.

BTW, I know I did report a bug before, but can’t find it where I have to submit it. Any link?

Start a new topic in the SketchUp category and tag it ‘bug’

@MikeWayzovski - Bedankt/Thank you.

I have changed the tag of this topic.


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