Could you reset axis for component or object?

reset the axis

Yes. I’ll record a video.

Right click on the component and choose Change Axes.

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(I did a bit of a janky job :laughing:)

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this is best, and it’s really high quality. Thanks alot!

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No problem.

If you triple click when position the axes, you don’t have to align the red and green axe, it just follows the alignments of the original insertion point axes.

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You learn something sketchuppy new every day!

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Is there a quick way to actually “reset” the axis instead of manually changing it?

There isn’t a reset for a component’s axes once they’ve been manually positioned. The orientation and location of the component’s axes and origin are part of its definition. If you change the definition, you change the definition. You could explode the component and remake it. The component’s axes will, by default, be parallel to the model axes. I don’t think that’s a good work flow but you could do it.