Corrupted axis

I have a large complicated apartment model. at some point the axis got changed and now when I copy and paste any components, they dont glue to any surface they come in at odd angles. So I have to laboriously reorient them to the blue, green, red axis. is there some way to globally correct this?

Right click on an axis line and choose Reset.

right clicking on the original red blue green axis does not allow me to reset them (that option is grayed out)

That would imply that the model axes are correct. If your model isn’t correctly aligned with them, then, you would need to rotate the model. The correct default alignment is with the solid blue axis up and, if you select the standard top view, the red axis should run horizontally across the screen with the solid red to the right and green vertically with solid green toward the top. Is that what you see?

yes that is all correct. let me clarifty. thsi model is built out of a lot of separate components most of them are behaving fine wiht the same axis matyching the original. one of them is all skewed, that is the one that I have trouble with copying and pasting componants. I find that if i reorient the axis on that compontant (using the tool) it fixes the problem but eventually the axis seem to go back to the skew orientation. is there a way to permanantly fix the axis back to what they were origininally?

every time i close that component it goes back to the skew axis

If it’s a component, don’t open it for editing to change the axis orientation. Right click on the closed component and choose Change Axes. Then set the axes to the correct orientation.

OK that is helpful. ill try that. why is it that with the style setting set to show red green blue axis , lines in components don’t apprear red green or blue until you open them up? they are black when they are closed?

The component axis lines aren’t normally displayed unless the component is open for editing. Things could get really cluttered if they were. You can make the component axes visible in Model Info>Components if you really want to see them. Most of the timeI don’t think you really need to see them.

If the component axes were correctly positioned when the component was made, you would find the component much easier to work with.

Thank You! I really appreciate this help here.

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