Reset model axis

Hello all, I am having a frustrating problem I cannot figure out. Seems simple but it’s driving me nuts.

I inserted a garage as model into a new an existing sketchup. It is slightly off-axis and i cannot figure out how to snap it back on axis to align with the house.

Thank you.

It ought to be easy to do this, so I suspect there is more going on than your message conveys. Is it possible for you to share the model so people here can take a look?

Or at least a screenshot of the model?

Hi Eneroth and Sl, I was able to figure it out. I just had so much going on with groups and components I was overthinking it. I selected my model and rotated off the mid-points to the green axis. Thanks for the quick reply. It’s home and garage with loft in VT.

Glad you found an answer!

Be aware that when you import a skp or use a component (same thing), the initial orientation is based on the placement of its axis. I don’t know if this was the issue you were seeing but here is an easy way to correct the component axis and component orientation.

I hope this helps


Thank you Chris. I did just discover i’m having an issue. Here is my model before and after rotating to the axis. As you’ll see some lines were added to my model, I am not sure why?


can you share the skp with us here so we can take a look at what is happening?

Here it is. All i did was select the whole garage and rotate to the green axis. 330 Tweed.skp (851.4 KB)

do you have one BEFORE the added triangulation?

330 Tweed before.skp (808.0 KB)

That looks like maybe you didn’t fully select all the geometry of the garage before rotating it. In your before model it is not a single group or component, so you have to be sure to select everything. I did that and then a simple blue-axis rotation to align with green axis yielded this:

330 Tweed before.skp (798.3 KB)

I don’t know what happened to triangulate the roof but here is another animation showing how I would realign the garage.

Since the garage is no longer a component, I would first select all the elements and make it as a component. From there, you can align the component axis to your liking.

Thank you very much for your help today Chris.

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