Problem with axes

I modeled a home in SketchUp using a Google Earth map as the base. Along the way, I inserted various components from 3D Warehouse. At some point, the drawing axis got really messed up due to some funky components (I might have exploded a few too.) Anyway, I have a really dysfunctional model now. Lines are off-axis by the slightest amount, so faces cannot be created, etc. It’s a total mess. I am sure there is no way to fix it.
So I decided, painfully, to start fresh. But I am back to the annoying issue of creating a model that is aligned with Google Map north, but not the window (or page in Layout.) I do not want to be drawing and dimensioning 14 degrees off vertical. How can I adjust everything?

How are you getting a Google Earth map into SketchUp?

If your component’s axes are properly aligned with their geometry, you may not need to start over. You could reset the model axes (right click on an axis line, choose Reset if they are not in the Default location.) and then bring in new copies of the components from the In Model components collection and place them where they need to go. Of course you need to delete the badly placed ones first.

Believe me, I am way beyond being able to fix the axes. Due to deadlines, I fudged a lot along the way in order to just move forward. I created faces where none could be created, and actually made some with triagulations - just to move forward. It’s gross.

So really, I just want to know how to start fresh with creating a model on top of Google Earth that is oriented with the view window (and thereby also aligned with Layout window.) My model ends up being rotated about 14 degrees east if I use Google Earth as a base.

I hate to state the obvious but cutting corners usually results in creating more work than reducing it.

I guess I could give you some useful info if I knew how you got the Google Earth map into SketchUp. And you’ve mentioned a Layout window. Are you referring to the Model window in SketchUp or somehow incorporating LayOut in your modeling work?

Yes. Lesson learned. Since it is my house, the only harm was to me.

I used the Geolocation feature to insert the Location. It is a 10 acre site, so I want to be able to use the base map to create a masterplan. Eventually, I will teach myself how to use Sketchup to model the terrain properly since there are several rimrock hills around the property.

But first, I just want to be able to draw with my axes aligned with my desktop.

Oh. OK. So it’s not actually a Google Earth image or map. When the image comes in north in the image should be aligned with the green axis. If that alignment doesn’t suit the alignment of the buildings you can use the Protractor to set crossing guidelines at angles that will guide you in placing the axes at the desired angle. Use some obvious lines in the image such as the street or edges of a large existing building. After setting the guides, select the Axis tool or right click on an axis line and choose Place. Click at the intersection of the guides, then along one guideline to set the red and the other to set the green making sure that blue points up.


Image as imported after geo-location and guidelines positioned using inside corner to the right of the main entrance.

Placing the axes. Red is set across the front edge of the building, green is being set along the edge of the long front to back hall.

Axes placed.

Awesome. That is a clear explanation, and exactly what I have done. But that does not orient the drawing to my desktop window. Once I align the axes, I want the whole window to orient up/down with my desktop window. If not, then when I import the drawing into Layout, the drawing is not aligned with the layout window and dimensioning is a real pain.

You’re right. The standard views are fixed in SketchUp regardless of how you place the axes. You can rotate the viewport in LayOut if you wish or you could unlock the imported imagery in SU and rotate it to align with the default axes orientation or when you set up your plan view scenes in SketchUp in preparation for going to LayOut, use Eneroth’s Relative Top View to turn the camera.

Just make sure you aren’t modifying the scenes in LayOut.

Rotate the Layout viewport! That is the work-around I have been trying to find. I’ve right-clicked the viewport and looked in all the menus. Do tell how to rotate it, please.

Hover over the viewport and look for the thingummy in the center. grab the handle that sticks out and rotate.

FWIW, here’s an example showing a way to get the rotation of the viewport correct if you want to do that. I drew a line along a property boundary or fence or whatever over the image. I also added a short line intersecting the horizontal one to create a snapping point. Then with Camera set to Parallel Projection and the standard Top view selected, I created a scene.

After Send to Layout I have a viewport.

I drew a horizontal line on the page that starts from the intersection of the two red lines. I moved the Precsion point for the viewport to the intersection of those red lines, too.

Then I grabbed the Rotate handle and rotated the viewport so my long red line aligns with the black line I drew in LayOut.

Personally I’d be more inclined to set this all up in SketchUp but it can be done in LayOut.

I will try that process.
I have to ask how in the world you are using my exact Google Map View in your response? Something about me as a user of this forum allow for geolocation?