Conflict with model component axes and adjusted gps location axes

I have been using an old version of Sketchup on and off for years. I decided it was time to purchase SketchUp Pro. I currently have the trial version to see how it works.
Problem: I constructed a complicated architectural model and then decided to do geo location for shadows. I placed my model on the site and turned the complete model about 3.8 degrees to fit the actual site. Now all the axes in the components and groups are off the new true north and it creates havoc trying to draw lines parallel and perpendicular to my existing planes. Now it wont even fill in surfaces because, apparently, the “parallel” and “perpendicular” lines I draw are fractionally off the same plane. Instead of drawing lines from and to where I want to, Sketchup “corrects” the location I pick.
If I am going to purchase this, I need to find a way to reconcile these problems