Having a problem with components from my library

Hello all, I was hoping to get some help with my components library. My components work correctly within the model I am creating, but If I save them to a library and insert into a new model, they will all initially snap to 0,0. If I choose that component again from the “in model” folder of my components window, they will then work correctly within that model. This must be an easy problem to fix, just wondering if anybody else has this problem. FYI, i’m on sketchup pro ver 8.0

The template or copy SKP you are using to make the components will have a geo-location set [Model Info].
Components that have geo-location set always snap to 0,0,0 on the first insertion.

Correct your template so it has no geo-location set.
To correct existing components open them in turn and remove their geo-locations…

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I suspected that it has something to do with geo location, but I didn’t know how to check it. Thank you so much!