Snapping to origin

I am fairly new to sketchup. I am drawing a house and my components are snapping to the axis when i move them. I can’t figure out how to stop this.

Have you geo-located the model?
Or are you using geo-located components?
Are these your components or something you have downloaded?

Also, are they dynamic components? If so they could be forcing values for their coordinates.

They are components that were already in my library. I don’t believe they geolocated. And all I did was explode a component to use a piece of it. IE I am using stud walls and I wanted to use the 2x4 plate as a cca plate and change the color to green. But when I move it, it snaps to the origin.

Why would I need to geo locate my model? I am not using an existing picture as my model.

Why don’t you share a couple of the components that exhibit this behavior. Then we’d have a real hope of helping you solve the problem.

Every time in the past when this issue has come up, it is due to the components being geo-located or it’s a dynamic component with a setting as described.

Maybe you don’t but that doesn’t mean the components aren’t already geo-located.

It sounds like you have used part of a dynamic component that has been set to 0.0.0
But as Dave says, we can only tell you if you give us something to look at.

Try this link. cca plate | 3D Warehouse I dont believe the problem to be with the component itself. I inserted this back into my model and did not have a problem. Just when I am using something from the preloaded sketchup library.

I tried that 3DW model and had no problems with it snapping anywhere. Perhaps we need to clarify what you mean by “the preloaded sketchup library”?