Objects suddenly snapping to origin on move attempt

I have been working on a 3d model. It contains components, most of which are unique. Until yesterday, I was able to click on individual components to move them wherever in the model I needed with no issue, using inferences most of the time, to get the correct position.

Now I have opened the file and every time I try to move an object, it will show the inference, and then when I click to place it, it will jump to the component’s origin (well away from the rest of my model). All components are also now showing individual origin markers.

I’ve clearly done something stupid but all the searching online and in the software haven’t been fruitful at all.

Anyone know what I’ve done??

Thank you!

Sounds like you have geolocated the components.
Can you attach the model so someone can have a look.

The file is available at https://www.dropbox.com/s/6xkdi511064yehw/Basement.skp?dl=0

In the file, there is a short stud sitting on the floor. If I try to move it, for example, it goes far off the model to the left (at its current rotation view)

There is a saying in the Sketch up community that goes something along the lines of, Using layers incorrectly leads to madness.
You model is a perfect example of that madness.
You have all sort of geometry on different layers mixed together and I can’t even follow it.
You also have a layer other than Layer0 set as the current active layer, don’t do that.

All raw geometry must be drawn on Layer 0 and left there. Groups and Components are then assigned a layer.
Layers are only for visibility.
Groups and Components separate geometry.
99.99% of the time the active layer should remain layer 0. Basically never move the left radio button.

In addition to what Box has said, the stud is a Dynamic Component that has X and Z positions defined but the Y position is not defined. This is causing the problem you report. Although you’ve moved the axes, the model origin is still in the same location.

I don’t know why you’d need a stud as a DC especially with it’s position fixed. Edit the component to remove the position attributes and it should work fine.

thanks for the help both of you - these were dynamic components because they started out as part of a different downloaded dynamic component. It was proving very difficult to modify as I wanted to though, so I started duplicating unique parts from the parent component. Now I’ve modified them to no longer be dynamic.

Ah ha! Thank you for at least explaining why the stud component had position attributes set. They would make sense for the stud inside a more complex Dynamic Component.