Model moves from Origin

I like to locate the main entry of the building at the Origin. I have been opening up my model and finding that it has moved off the Origin - all geometry is relatively correct, it is the entire model that shifts.

This is NOT a geolocated model.

So, I have noticed that I relocate the model, close it, reopen it and find that it is correctly located - this mislocation only occurs after some time has passed…I really have no other helpful information about the time lapse necessary for the aforementioned problem to occur.

Please advise, SketchUP brain trust!!

Thank you,
John Long

Is it possible for you to share the model? It is very strange for anything to modify a model that is not open for edit, so a likely culprit is some extension that runs as the model is opened in SketchUp.

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Do you have any sample models showing a mis-located object, that you could upload to the forum (seventh icon from the left, up-arrow)?

I don’t suppose you are manually modifying the axes to make a change in origin? If you notice this problem again, try right-clicking on any of the colored axes lines and choosing “Reset”.

Can you think of any interesting extensions that you may be invoking that could modify the axes?

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Interesting questions about extensions (both of you, thanks) - I am not aware of any extensions that would cause this - I do not have very many loaded - 1001 bit, Upright Extruder, Pipes from Lines…I think that is all I have on my work computer.

I do not have any models that have a mislocation currently as I have just re-located the model I opened this morning -

I prefer not to upload this model as it contains proprietary information concerning our clientele.


That’s completely understandable. If you experience this again, perhaps you can save a copy of the model (before manually correcting it) and delete 99% of the geometry, leaving only a few faces or something to show the unexpected location of the geometry. Then share such a stripped-down model file?

Will do TD - I just checked it and it did not move again since I fixed it yesterday - very confusing as to what is causing this - I mean, I would have to #1 turn on ALL geometry: #2 select ALL geometry: #3 unlock ALL geometry: #4 arbitrarily move ALL geometry…

If it happens again I’ll be sure to do as you have advised, and, again, Thanks!


Lacking an example file, we can only guess.
My guess is, while building the model the position of the Drawing Axes was moved away from the default alignment with the World Axes and then inadvertently saved with a Scene.

Go to each Scene in the model and do what @TDahl suggested…

One can also use the Query Tool to learn the true coordinates of geometry.

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