Model location from origin

My work flow utilizes a master SU model where all design and revisions are made with a dozen separate template models that each have their speciality trade of scenes.

Sometimes when i reload a template the file comes I. At a different location from the origin causing the templates scenes to be changed and only fix is to move model back to correct location from origin.

Is there something like Geolocation which locates the origin to a point on earth, that would locate the model to the origin?


Yes. That’s a common issue. If the imported file is geolocated and is in a different location than the geolocation of the current file, the object will come in located at whatever distance is between the two. For SketchUp files/components that are intended to be imported into other models, it’s best to remove geolocation altogether.

Here’s an example. I made a box located near the intersection of two runways on the Minneapolis airport.

I saved the model after deleting the geolocation image. Then I set up a new file geolocated on one of the terminals and added another box. After that I imported the first file. You can see where it ends up relative to the terminal.

And going back to Add Location shows both the first box out on the runway and the location of the one on the terminal.

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