Geolocate.... where is located in the DRAWING


I’ve read hundreds and hundreds of geo-location posts. No one has addressed when you use the" set manual location" option, where is it at in the drawing?? There is no representation of where the Geo locate actually exists in the drawing. I can get it in the neighborhood, I can export it and it’s close, but I need to know where I’m actually geo-locating in the drawing, like select a point and that is the point that you geolocate.


The origin (0,0,0) in SketchUp is used as that reference point. It’s easy enough to figure it out with the tools available. I picked a location in GE first, set that as the location in SU and drew the thing centered on the origin. Exported as KMZ and opened in GE.


Did anyone ever tell you “you are outstanding in your field”?


Thats what i thought! But not the case, what could I have done to change that? My axes’s intersection are NOT were geotag is, see attached picture, the cursor on the SketchUp is about where the real world coordinates are located.


How about sharing the SKP file so I can have a look at your model?


Pic 2



I moved my model to the coordinates in your screenshot. I got the yellow pushpin by putting in the same coordinates in GE’s search field. Looks close enough for government work to me.

What are the chances that you’ve moved the axis lines in your SketchUp model? Right click on one of them and click Reset.


Boom! Ok, how did my dumba$$ do that??


You mean move the axes? Good question but you aren’t the first one to do that and not notice. It’s kind of like driving away from the gas pump with the hose still in the filler neck. You do it once without realizing it but you pay closer attention after that to make sure you aren’t strokin’ down the street trailing the hose. :smiley:


Thank you for taking the time out of your day to answer dumb questions like this, people like you are a dying breed, thanks!!!


Thank you. And no worries.

I should have added something earlier. This is at least for those who come along later. The origin, (0,0,0) is a fixed point in SketchUp. While you can move the axes and the point where they intersect, you can’t move the origin. By default, the intersection of the axes and the origin normally coincide. But…


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