Upldate lost Geolocaiton

I need help. For some reason , The current SketchUp file I am working on is no longer geolocated. Older versions of the file are geolocated. I added the location by manually adding the coordinates from the older file but the location in not the same. Any ideas how I can fix this? Or what I am doing wrong?


It would help if you could complete your profile with the version of SketchUp you are using. Also correct your graphics card info while you are at it.

OK - I have updated my picture too. any ideas?


The only things I can think of to make the Geo location go away is to click the Clear Location button in Model Info or from the Ruby API. Do you have any extensions installed that may for some reason or another modify the geo location?

To fix the geo location you can just geo locate anew. If your version no longer supports the geo location GUI (Google Maps in SU2016 and earlier) you can geo locate manually from Window > Model Info > Geo Location > Set Manual Location and enter lat and long. Among other placed you can copy the lat and long from the address field of your browser when you visit Google Maps on the web.

eneroth3 - thanks. Many people working on the file. not sure when the geolocation disappeared. I did find an older file that was still geolocated - used the coordinates it is off a bit. Close but not perfect. Thanks for the nice response

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