Geo-Location erased my model! Please help!

Hi guys! I’m in a major crisis.
I was working on a model on SketchUp Pro and wanted to add shadows to it. So, I googled how to do so and it walked me through adding a geo-location. The second that I “grabbed” the location I wanted to use, my entire 3d model disappeared and I didn’t have the file saved yet. I’m begging for help! I have no idea what to and I spent hours on this school project! I can’t seem to retrieve it. I tried undoing (Ctrl + Z) to see if that would work, and nothing. What do I do?!

Thank you in advance!!

Could you share the SKP file with us? That would help us help you.

It’s not letting me upload my file because it’s too big. :frowning:
But basically, my screen looks like a new, blank sketchup page.

Upload it to the 3D Warehouse and provide the link.

The link isn’t showing in the preview. It’s under “NatalieChang - Project 2”

I’m going to guess that your model is a long way from the origin, so when you geolocated it it zoomed so far out you can’t see the model.

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How can I zoom back in to find it?

Wait a second I think I found it! @Box You were absolutely right. (I feel a bit embarrassed-- I’m still relatively new to SketchUp) Thank you so, so, so very much! And thank you @DaveR for helping me too! Whew! I’m saved! You guys rock.

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