Geolocation moved

I just opened a model I made a while ago (Jan 2021) in SketchUp Pro 2023. I want to add to my geo-location images but when I grab new images through geo-location it places them roughly 44 miles away. I tried both Bing and Digital Globe. They both behave the same. North does match my originally placed geo-location images.
Have I done something incorrectly or is this a bug or something else? I appreciate any feedback.

I’d be suspicious of the original geo-location. What does it show for latitude and longitube before you add the geo-location imagery?

That’s a great suggestion. I didn’t know how to do that so I while trying to figure that out I tried clearing the location and then adding Geo-Location imagery. When I did that it placed the imagery at the original location from the original file.
Prior to that both models showed 52.0N 1.0E. The numbers I get after clearing the location is more accurate when I compare it to Google Earth.

So does that mean removing the geo-location in the model before adding the imagery/terrain worked?

Although you wuoldn’t have to do it if the model wasn’t geo-located in the first place, you could edit the lat/lon in Model Info to make it correct for the location.

You are correct. Removing the geo-location defaults it back to where it was when I originally created the model (or close to be more accurate). It deletes the original geo-location images I had or moves them somewhere I can’t see them. The new geo-location images are shifted about 72 meters east of their original location.
I will need to make some adjustments but it’s not bad.
I am curious why this happened. Do you have any theories?

I’m not sure why it happened. I’ve never heard of anyone having the geo-location shift on its own.

Look in Outliner to make sure the old terrain and other geo-location geometry is gone and purge unused materials after getting rid of the old geometry if it’s there.

It looks like it deleted the previous geo-location images. Thanks for the tip and the help in general.

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