Model placement on Google Earth Geolocation within SketchUp Pro

I imported the geolocation into SketchUp Pro and then attempted to place my model, well actually just a part of my model onto the imported geolocation Google Earth Image and it is all blurry or fuzzy. How does this get fixed or done correctly, as I am somewh

at new to this whole platform. The end goal is to see the 3D model merged with the real geolocation image for a presentation style walk through. Thank you.

I can’t tell anything from your screen shot. Could you upload the SKP file instead?

Depending on how much surrounding terrain you grab, the mage will be sharper or blurrier. For example, here’s a nominal house:

Add a large geolocation like this:

Gives this:

Zooming in when adding the geolocation:

Gives a much better result:

I will upload the file shortly. Thank you.

I will upload the image shortly. Thank you.

One further note … if you export the model as a Google Earth KMZ file and import it into Google Earth, you can see how it looks with the surrounding terrain:

Well it says the file is too big so I will have to figure something out, in the above photo can you see the blurry faded grean in the lower left area, that is supposed to be a fairway green. I will try and get the file uploaded somehow. Thanks.

Yeah it is an area that is roughly 500 acres, creating a sustainable green energy property. I will try and get the file down to a better size to upload. I will try your suggestions first also. Thanks.