Geo-location ( Connect SketchUp & Google Map )



Hello every one. when i try to import an area from google map to my sketch up model i keep getting this error sign after i select the area and click grab,I hope there is a solution.


SketchUp no longer uses the Google Map API. Please read this:


Is that mean there is no way to put sketch up model in google earth unless i buy the newest version?


Use the Digital Globe option to set the model’s geolocation.

Google Earth Online no longer uses SketchUp models. Google sold SketchUp to Trimble, Inc. in 2012.

You may be able to display your model in the desktop edition of Google Earth.
See post below for links on how to do this.


Im sorry for bothering you , what do you mean by Digital Globe option ,where i can find it


The Help Center calls it “Grab a location from Trimble” (but it comes from Digital Globe. See the forum posting I linked to above.)

User Guide articles (some may be out of date):


Can you go back a step here and explain what you mean by “put sketch up model in google earth”? To give someone a KMZ file for them to put into their running version of Google Earth, you can geo-locate your file and then File->Export->3D Model… to KMZ, and share that KMZ file.

Thanks for clarifying.


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