Sketchup geo and Google earth


When I use the Geo location, in Sketchup I find the destination in this case Campusvej 55 Odense at the mærsk instituttet

When i use google earth I can fin this 3D model that are better quality and already have the buildings that I need.

Is there any way to import this 3D model from google earth instead of the sketchup pictuers that also are old?

The reason for the two post is that i can’t have to pictuers in one post :slight_smile:


Shortly after they sold SketchUp to Trimble, Google disabled the ability to upload/download SketchUp models to/from Google Earth. They also changed the public API so that other apps (such as SketchUp) can’t necessarily get the same earth images as Google Earth. However, you should be able to get a better image than the one you show.

How do you get that pictuer?

Standard import location process, I just changed the viewpoint a bit before grabbing the image. The straight overhead image is for some reason blurrier than just slightly askew.