Google Earth Alternatives

Are there any alternate programs of websites for importing your 3D model into the real world? I have had major problems with bigger models on earth with either not loading, or being told I have too many vertices.

I am also looking for a program the preferably allows street view with your structure in the street view as well.

I don’t know of any other programs like Google Earth that allow you to import a 3D model file. And as far as I know, Google is really the only one doing the street view thing but their terms of service prevent the use of their imagery and terrain data in programs like SketchUp. That’s why SketchUp doesn’t get imagery or terrain data from Google and hasn’t for a few years.

I suspect your best bet as a hobbyist would be to go out and take your own “street view” photos and use them in SketchUp as textures.

I have been playing with the new Trimble product Clarity. It can import SketchUp files directly although they must be re-located once inside. The interface in clean and the map data looks pretty good. No street view that I have found.

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Why not drag the world into your model?