Import 3d buildings from Google Earth / Maps into SketchUp file



Ive been viewing an urban city environment in google earth and google maps with the 3d buildings turned on.

What i now want to do is get the terrain and 3d buildings into Sketchup so that i can insert my building model into the street scape to see how it relates to other buildings around it.

At the moment i can get the geo terrain data into my Sketchup file fine, but i cant see how to get the 3d buildings, is this possible ?

I saw a tutorial online where they used the component window to search and import models nearby to the imported terrain data, but this only seems to work to import models that people have made an shared on google earth, but on a residential street not all / any of the buildings will have been modelled, i believe most of the models that i can see in 3d in google earth for this part of the city are auto generated by google earths 3d scans.


Google ceased using sketchup to create 3D building for google earth about 4 years ago and also stopped letting sketchup download them.


That’s an old tutorial you were looking at. Unless you can find models of the buildings for the area in the 3D Warehouse, you’ll likely have to create them yourself. Google hasn’t been using SketchUp models for the 3D Buildings in Google Earth for a number of years.