SketchUp model and Google Earth 3D Buildings


Is there a way you can remove a google earth building in its 3D buildings view. i.e if a building is to be demolished.

Ideally it would be great if the 3D buildings could be imported as part of the google earth integration with sketchup. Is there a work around that actually works?


There’s no real link to Google Earth anymore. You can get a location from Google Maps to insert into SketchUp so you can place your model and if (a big if) the surrounding buildings were modeled by someone and uploaded to the 3D Warehouse, you could import them into your SketchUp file. The 3D buildings in GE are not SketchUp models and can’t be imported into SketchUp and there’s no way to control which 3D buildings are shown and which aren’t in GE.


Thanks Dave, I was wanting to upload a model into google earth .kml to view along with their 3d building information however there is a building already on the site. Hopefully there will be options in the future.


It’s unlikely that there will be that option considering the way Google is going with GE. Years ago SketchUp got location data and images from Google Earth but that was changed with SU2014 (I think). There used to be a tool to directly upload your SketchUp model to directly display in your local GE installation and Google accepted models created in SketchUp for 3D buildings in GE. Indeed, that’s why they bought SketchUp and released a free version of it. When it no longer suited their needs, they sold SketchUp but they also quit accepting SketchUp models and the gap between SU and GE has only gotten bigger. Don’t hold your breath for it to go the other way.


are you doing google earth 3D buildings


and they well be in a good and they well be in google earth 3D buidings


you can still open a KML/KMZ or Collada DAE with a local Google Earth Pro which is in the meanwhile availbale for free.


You might want to have a look at if you are doing city scale things?