Google Earth to Skp

Hey guys,

I’m an architecture student and i’d like to know if there are any possibilities to import a google earth file to skp pro ?
I’m working on St Petersburg and I saw that a consequent part of the city is already modelized in google earth pro.
The city is quite really huge and it would be difficult to sketch it again in sketch up Pro with a dwg or a standard method… I’d be very glad if you guys had a solution.

Thank you in forward and have a nice day !

Google earth stopped using sketchup models awhile ago. Some of the old models can be individually downloaded from the 3d warehouse. But if you just want to view your own building in google earth environment, you can create your own model and geo-locate it and export as a KMZ. Then on your local google earth app import that kmz for your own presentation (but it won’t be viewable publicly)

Oh I see… And do you know if there are any platform which shares skp model of cities as St Petersburg for instance ?

Ty for your answer !

You can use #d Warehouse to share your models and see others’, but it is not in a “map” format like GE is.