Intergrate with Google Earth Pro



Hello, I’m Kendrick an architectural professional, Can anyone tell me how to super-impose into Google Earth Pro… for presentation purposes. If this is not happening I would like to get paid for this idea…

Kendrick A. Harrison


Google Earth is no longer accepting files from SketchUp (I think they stopped accepting files about 5 year ago). You can, if you like, save your SketchUp file as a .KMZ file and import that into your local version of GE.


Too late. Someone else already came up that idea. You can already export KMZ files from SketchUp and open them in Google Earth Pro.


Great bro thanx for sharing …Ill let you know how it comes out or ask for more help when needed sounds more like it…lol


dang… lol thanx om about to try it out


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