How to import a Google Earth location in Sketchup Pro 2016


Can I import an image from Google Earth into Sketchup Pro 2016? When I try to import the .KMZ file I saved from Google Earth Pro, I get a message saying “import failed”. Do I need to buy the 2017 version?


No. SketchUp can only import KMZ files that contain a 3D model. Google Earth doesn’t export its 3D layer.


yes, but only if you export an image from GE Pro [ it’s free ]…

as @Anssi points out .kmz file are not image files…



Thank you! I also noticed I can use a “Print Screen” image, import it, and then scale it to the correct size.


there is an extension that adds pins to a SU .kmz export, that stay on the image when you use export image from GE…

lining it up, back in SU in then very easy…



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