Exporting images from SketchUp Shop and importing into Google Earth Pro


I’ve recently purchased the SketchUp Shop version (web version) as I’m building 3D images that I want to import into Google Earth Pro for a street event I am operating. So far I have created a few images in SketchUp Shop and now I need to export just the physical 3D image and import it into Google Earth Pro (desktop version). Any help with this would be great.

The goal is to showcase the street event and all the activation’s that will be taking place.

Thanks in advance!


Are you exporting images or 3D files to be inserted into Google Earth?

Here are instructions for inserting models: https://help.sketchup.com/en/article/3000149


You can export your model as a .KMZ file from SketchUp Shop, then import that into Google Earth.


I guess my first issue is I don’t know what type of file I should be exporting these 3D images as


.KMZ as Aaron said is what you need. Or you can go direct from SketchUp if those instructions in my link still work.


Great. Thanks. How long does it typically take for an image to finish as it now says it’s in progress?


I am not sure, do you mean to load into Google Earth? It will depend on your computer, how complex the model is and also internet connection.

It’s so different for everybody not easy to say I am afraid but should not be too long.


My images are just sitting in the Import/Export window as seen in this screenshot


Nevermind! They all just went through… thanks for the help! :slight_smile:


How do I now place my 3D image in google earth pro in the exact spot I need it to be? Every time I open it, it goes somewhere off in space


Did you follow all of the steps in the link I shared? You specify the co-ordinates in SketchUp before you export.


I’m working through those steps but every time I try to enter my coordinates from Google Earth into SketchUp Shop a window pops up that says, “an embedded page at geolocation.sketchup.com says Sorry, no matches”

I’m now stumped


What is the location?


Looking to Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

53°32’29.20" N 113°29’13.85" W


You will probably need to navigate to it manually or try with a street address. After finding out where it was while looking at GE, I navigated manually in the Add Location feature in SU2018 to get this.


The version I’m using only shows this style of map which doesn’t help with specific location… Any help on how can I change this view? It doesn’t give me an option that I can see anyways.


Are you using SketchUp Free or SketchUp Shop?

I haven’t used SketchUp Shop but it could be that it is limited to Maps only in the Add Location feature. SketchUp Pro provides imagery.

Still, since you are going to open the exported KMZ file in Google Earth, you really don’t need the imagery from Digital Globe. The map image should be enough to get your model geo-located.


I purchased SketchUp Shop and every time I go to open it, it opens in my web browser. From there it seems to be the most basic SketchUp version (free version) so I’m really struggling to figure out what’s going on with my original purchase.


You’re right


Since you can export KMZ files, I would expect you’re using SketchUp Shop.

If you really need the imagery and other capabilities, you should probably switch to SketchUp Pro.