Import kmz to google earth

Hi everyoune, i’m new in the forum, and i hope to find someone that can help me to solve this problem. I need to export my sketchup Model into Google earth.
I “Add location” and I export the “KMZ file” (36mb dimension) but when i Import sketchup file in google earth, the model doesn’t appear (but Google earth go to my location where i would like to install my model).
Can anyone help me please? i can’t find my mistake.
Tank you :wink:

Is the SketchUp model at the right elevation?

last time I had to do this (2021) there was a bit of touch - and - go
basically, I moved everything 50m upward and below the model I built a quick and dirty 3d scale looking like this

these are 1m cubes.

importing it into google earth, it imported up in the air. all I had to do was to count the visible cubes to see how high my model was. Move it down in SU, check again, adjust, export, check again.
did that 3-4 times, until it was about ok.

Thank you for your answer.
I think yes, my model is in the middle of the axes

it is correct?

so you suggest to elevate my model?
But how much i have to elevate my model??

i save this image in KMZ and i open it in google earth: i don’t know where i’m going wrong! :frowning:


no idea. that’s why I elevated it 50m to see in google earth. then I lowered it, and checked ,and lowered it, and checked and…

like I said, trial and error.

But if i start a new project with different shape (more simple, ex a cube) and i do the same step (“add location”, export “KMZ” extc.) i have not this problem.
Anyway i tried to give different elevation to my model.

That would imply to me that the issue is with Google Earth. Maybe it can’t handle the detailed geometry. Maybe you just need to give it time to render or maybe you need to simplify the model.

And how I can simplified my model? I have to delete some tree for example or there is a plugin that can do this?

You would have to decide what you need to keep and what is not needed in Google Earth. If the building has interior walls, furniture, and other stuff that isn’t visible, remove it from the model. Maybe getting rid of the trees will help. You will have to decide what you have to keep and what can be deleted. A plugin can’t make those decisions for you.

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I have a more complex addon question to this topic. Currently you need to import onto flat terrain but is there a way to load a model with googles 3d buildings on and removing the google geometry at the point where you would be inserting your model (otherwise they would overlap)?


Google maps material is not available, they keep that under lock.

you can try stuff like cadmapper, it exports a (bad) topo and buildings with a fixed height, each in its group

You can pull the geometry from google earth and run it in SKP blender or other. It’s convoluted the first time but easy the 2nd. That isn’t the same as loading a model into a kmz though and simply running it inside google earth which used to be easy when google owned SKP. I don’t believe there was ever a way to run a model in google earth while simultaneously having 3d terrain and buildings on without them overlapping.

yes, there are ways. but it’s illegal, per google’s user agreement, to do this commercially.
that’s part of the reason why SUpro had to drop google map.

well back then, SU was used to model google earth so off course it was easy.
the day they started rolling out the old SU models and rolling in the automated 3d scans, it stopped being easy. shortly after they sold SU because it was useless with the new system

Well, back in the SU-google earth days it was possible, you could deactivate individual buildings. You still can, in the preference, if you choose the old google earth buildings and not the new automated ones. but it means you’re working with an obsolete (10-15y) dataset.

this is a place with the new dataset (2018, “new”)

in the preference panel, you can untick this to get the old google earth dataset, made with sketchup

and here is the old place.

that building was demolished in 2009 so the model is older.

I can’t find the tool to mask individual buildings, there have been several recent releases (bugfixes and stability), maybe that’s it ?

It used to be possible, but apparently it’s not, since 2022 at least (my last time was in 21), even with the old dataset.

current version is 7.3 - pretty sure I used 7.1 back then. installing it might still allow building hiding.

I’m so tired of this cop out. There are a ton of software out there that let you do this, even Place Maker for SU so I don’t believe this is a valid excuse for Trimble.

3D Earth is in beta for existing Placemaker users and works fine. My point was how are all these other companies, who are much smaller than Trimble able to work out a deal with Google or do you think they are all breaking Googles guidelines including Daniel Tai and What ? Just sounds like a lame excuse to me.

My points exactly, Placemaker (an extension) had Nearmap imagery well before SU and worked fine yet they added that as an option to geolocation and yes they charge you extra for that so why can’t they work out the same deal with Google as these other companies and charge extra for that, their large user base should give them more leverage in working a deal. I’m a huge fan of SU, been using it since version 5 however I don’t let my fandom blind me from calling BS on things that seem like BS to me.

Also another extension example is weld, it was an extension that worked perfectly yet SU added that as a native feature.

I would feel much better if Trimble said we examined this and the cost outweighs the benefit for us instead of saying it’s against Google’s terms when I see a handful of companies doing this exact thing.

my bad, I didn’t see you came here to rant.

if there is a perfectly fine product making a perfectly fine solution, then there is no reason SU has to develop their own.

And if/when trimble jumps on the bandwagon, you’ll learn it like everyone else, on the day it’s publicly revealed. until then, you’re stuck using the perfectly fine existing solutions. too bad.

this thread was about importing a su file into google earth. it veered way off topic.