KMZ export difficulties

Hi everyone first post here so apologies if:

  1. I’m breaking any established conventions for the forum
  2. My message is too long

Here’s what I’m trying to do, I am teaching some students about how to import, export and geolocate 3D models between SketchUp, 3DS Max and Google Earth. I’m using 3DS Max 2021, SketchUp Pro 2020 and Goggle Earth Pro. The workflows I’ve been using so far are:

Method 1

  • Build and texture in SketchUp 2020.
  • Set geolocation information in sketchup 2020
  • Export 3D Model as .kmz file
  • Open KMZ file in Google Earth.
  • Result - Success, model textures and location all correct.

Method 2

  • Build and texture model in 3DS Max 2021
  • Ensure texture file names are 8.3 old DOS naming rules
  • Export from 3DS Max 2021 to 3DS format ensuring models and textures are in same folder.
  • Import 3DS file into SketchUp 2020
  • So far so good, models and textures all show up correctly.
  • Bring in geolocation information and follow process as above for saving .kmz file and open in Google Earth Pro
  • Result - None of the imported models show up after import, but models created from scratch in sketchup, and exported into the same kmz file do.

Metod 3

  • Open up SketchUp 17 Maker. and go through the process of importing 3DS file and geolocating it.
  • Export KMZ file and open in Google Earth Pro, and all the geometry and textures are there, properly located.

So my question is what am I doing wrong with SketchUp 2020, given that I can get exactly what I want to happen with SketchUp 2017 Maker?

I have a class full of students tomorrow, for whom I’ll use the 2017 workaround, but I am really intrigued as to whether I am just doing something stupid, or is this a known bug/issue?

Any thoughts or advice very gratefully received.

Actually, my trial for SketchUp Make 2017 will run out at the end of the day tomorrow, so my workaround plans are a bit stuffed. Ive been trying the free version online, and inserting 3DS files, going through the online conversion process, same story, geometry, but no textures in SketchUp, no geometry OR textures in Google Earth, finding this very frustrating…

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