Exporting 3D model (kmz) to Google Earth


Does converting a 3D model (in Sketchup) into a .kmz format for export to Google Earth require Sketchup Pro? I go as far as exporting the kmz into my desired folder but it does not show up in the destination specified. I am using Make (V 16.1.1451) and may upgrade to Pro if needed.


No. Make exports DAE and KMZ.

Make sure you have write permissions for the destination folder.

Make sure that there is actually geometry in the model.

GeoLocate the model.


By this do you mean in the destination folder or in the location you expected on GE? Your profile says you are on Mac, and on OS X it would be unusual for you to select a destination folder where you don’t have write permission. If you mean the location on GE, as Dan already noted, the most likely explanation is that you haven’t geolocated the model.


Thank you Both. The kmz was not showing up in the destination folder on my Mac. I checked write permissions and they were in place. I tried exporting the kmz to my desktop instead and it worked. Your input supported me greatly and prompted me to try a different folder. Yes the model was geolocated and has geometry. Best