Tutorial for exporting to google earth?

I’m looking at creating a building and opening it in google earth. I’m just exploring the toolchain so I’m using the free online version. The KMZ format is listed as an export option (currently locked) but google earth is looking for a KML file.
This use to be possible according to various youtube videos, has this ability been lost?

The KMZ export option is available with SketchUp Shop but not SketchUp Free.

Google Earth will open KMZ files.

Ok. Would I need to use google earth pro downloaded to my windows PC. When opening Google Earth on my laptop and opening it under chrome I only see the ability to import KML files.

What I’m looking for is a way to model a building and post it for others to view ideally without requiring them to install an app.

I’m using Google Earth Pro. It is entirely possible that the GE version running in the browser wouldn’t open KMZ files.

So you are planning to send the user the KMZ file for them to open in Google Earth?

Your best bet for what you want to do is to use SketchUp Pro. You can get terrain and imagery for the model to sit on. Then you can export images to send to your clients. If this is for more than hobby use, you need to be using SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Shop anyway. SketchUp shop doesn’t import terrain and imagery, though.

As far as I know, you can only open files on the local version (I believe they took that ability out of the online version).

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Yeah this is not for professional use. Just hobby. I landed on sketchup after finding examples on line showing this tool chain.

Top level goal is just to be able to create a 3D building that can be viewed with real world 3D content around it. Would also be able to support walking inside. Would like to supply a simple web link that viewers can click on and not have to install anything or at least be automatically guided through installation of a viewing app.

I TIHNK this workflow still works…

Yep, looks like I would need to cough up a subscription fee for sketchup to make this work. If I knew the tool and was confident in the efficiency and stability of using using it I wouldn’t mind but going in cold and having had a lot of experience with CAD tools says I don’t know this devil and don’t know how much ramp time price I’ll have to pay.

I want to create a building and have watched online video of people crating windows, doors, fixtures from scratch so I’m a little leery about the amount of free library content availability.

You can give SketchUp 2019 Pro a spin for 30 days before you buy.

As far as the amount of free library content available, you can search the 3D Warehouse even without having SketchUp installed and see what is available.

This looks great if only I could connect to trimble connect or the 3D warehouse. There is a red message box that pops up asking me to check my internet connection (which is fine - I’m messaging here :slight_smile: . I’ve tried both in Chrome and in Bing with the same results.

My download option do not include KMZ. only 3 versions of sketchup and something called collada.

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Also, somehow trimble connect and the 3D warehouse just started working. Maybe it takes a day or two for a new account to be reviewed and online storage approved??? It would be a lot less confusing and effort if that would be declared though.

Yes it would if your assumption was true but it’s not.

This would imply that you haven’t geo-located the model. You’d need to do that in order to get the KMZ option. With a geo-located model KMZ shows at the bottom of the download list.

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Ok. Unsolved mystery on the access to the online file storage. Hopefully it doesn’t crop up again.

So I had updated the design with geolocation but failed to notice uploading it to the 3D warehouse created an additional instance Perhaps because when I updated it a checked private?. Sorry just getting up to speed on the user interface and tools behavior.

Downloaded it into Google earth with success!!!
Super pleased

Playing around with it a bit. Seems detailed things with interiors really take GoogleEarth to a crawl. If there are settings when exporting or in GoogleEarth ?

No. The KMZ file includes all of the model geometry. If you don’t want to have it slow down to a crawl, delete the interior detail stuff before exporting.

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