I can't see Google Earth option


In my Tools bar, I can’t see Google Earth option. Could you tell me why and how it shall be solved?
Vignesh S


File >> Geo Location…

Google no longer supplies what was previously a ‘free service’, so SU had to find a new provider…

hence, the more generic name change…



If you’re referring to ‘Send model to Google Earth’…then that too has been retired. You can save your model as a .KMZ and then open that file in Google Earth.


Google originally purchased SketchUp from @Last and released a free version with the idea that ordinary people would populate Google Earth with building models created using SketchUp, thereby adding a cool feature to GE and providing an indirect stream of revenue. But after a few years it became evident that the idea wasn’t working out. There was an unacceptable range of quality in the models created by amateurs, very uneven coverage, and Google found other means to put 3D buildings into Google Earth. So they turned off the ability to send models directly from SketchUp to Google Earth. But since .kmz files were already implemented as a way to add 3D models into the desktop version of Google Earth, they left that ability in place. So, if you geolocate and then export a model from SketchUp Pro as a .kmz, you can load it into the desktop Google Earth app on your computer.

Lacking the original need, Google lost interest in SketchUp and about 7 years ago sold it to Trimble. Part of the deal was free access to topography and images from Google Earth for a finite post-sale period. But a couple of years ago that deal expired and no acceptable replacement from Google was available. So Trimble was forced to find a new source for geo-data in SketchUp. There have been many complaints that the new source is not up to the quality or coverage that Google Earth provided, but Google is a tough act to match…


I would add that while there is source data that exceeds the quality available from Google Earth (albeit with less coverage due to the way that data is obtained) or Google Maps which was the source when they switched to offering color imagery, that data doesn’t come for free like the Google data did. The cost is quite high for that data so SketchUp doesn’t access it. For most users the quality is probably adequate for what they are doing. For those who need higher resolution imagery, there are options available PlaceMaker is a good way to get the high quality imagery and often its better imagery than you can get from GE.