How to import 3d buildings from sketchup into google earth?

Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to import a sketchup modeled building into Google Earth permanently, thank for your help

@DaveR I think you read his question backward. He wants to export from SketchUp and then import into GE. That used to work if you export geolocated kmz, but I haven’t tried it for a while so not sure. On my phone now so can’t check.

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I did a quick check, and if you export a geolocated model from SketchUp as .kmz, you can still open it in Google Earth Pro. I’m not sure what you need to do to make it open every time you run GE, but seems like that should be possible. Note however, you are only adding this model to your personal desktop GE. Google eliminated the ability to add models to their database some time ago when they came up with a different method to generate 3D buildings. That’s a large part of why they sold SketchUp to Trimble about 8 years ago.

Edit: if you tell GE to add the model to MyPlaces, it will be remembered when you open GE again.


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