Can't export from Google Earth (kmz) and import into SketchUp

I have a simple shapefile I imported into Google Earth and then exported as a KMZ.

The import fails with “Import Failed” and no more details.

I unzipped the file and looked at the doc.kml for anything strange, but everything looks right to me.

I attached the file parcel.kmz (1.2 KB) and would love to know what I could be doing wrong. Is there an internal log created with some type of error?

Got same failure even after de-selecting validate file under options, next step is to change kmz to zip, unzip and see if you can import the dae file?

Double clicking on klm file takes you to GE and shows the parcel info, that includes info thinking you want . You can get address or pin you can get lat and long. Either of those allowes you get snap shot and terrain info into SU but does not look like there is a 3d model model unless I missed it.
What info do you want??
BTW the parcel data may not show if you have not updated to GE Pro which is free

See this link at bottom is shape file importer. When I tried to down load my smart screen filter blocked it.
I do not see any shape files in your orginal post? Have not worked with them my be prob. my end? I could not tell if SU PRO is required with the importer.

I’ll try the shape file importer. I’m really surprised it is this hard. GoogleEarth kml should just open. It is a simple set of points. I’m just trying to get the parcel info in.

Really – i only need to plot these points. Thinking about a ruby script to do this.

<Polygon><outerBoundaryIs><LinearRing><coordinates>-77.085854296043109,38.816050818399596 -77.086346120067915,38.815301863228662 -77.086635988443788,38.815376080718195 -77.086703710636442,38.815393420332747 -77.086504059166217,38.815695371687902 -77.086177381423255,38.816189433793141 -77.086176024967173,38.816191483894329 -77.086170258681378,38.816189274908567 -77.086133210362433,38.816175079583637 -77.085845168261528,38.816064719777323 -77.08584923852807,38.816058521867156 -77.085854296043109,38.816050818399596</coordinates></LinearRing></outerBoundaryIs></Polygon>

Yeah – totally – that is going to be my approach. cf.

No need to reinvent the wheel.

Here are your coordinates … x,y,z = Longitude,Latitude,Altitude in CSV format:
Parcel Coordinates.txt (440 Bytes)

The coordinates can then be imported into SU via TIG’s plugin:
Coords-Tag from Datum v3.4 by TIG — SketchUcation PluginStore

Example SU Model:
Parcel.skp (134.1 KB)