Created a polygon on google earth. Want to import it to sketchup but getting import failed. Very new to this so looking for some support

So I have a project where I need to zone an area for a construction project phase. I used google earth pro to create a polygon for the zone which was also great because it included the topography. I now want to import it into sketchup so I can play around with some layouts but I am just getting import failed in sketchup. It is a kmz file.

I also tried geo locating the coordinates directly from sketchup but the image is very low quality and it doesnt include my polygon.

When I have figured out the layout in sketchup I want to insert it back into google earth so I can create images of it to use on my presentation.

I apologise for my rambling. Hope you can help me.

I don’t believe the KMZ from GE includes any geometry that SketchUp recognizes.

Which version of sketchUp are you using? Your profile indicates SU 2017 Make. Is that correct?

It’s not surprising that getting the location direct from SU doesn’t show your polygon. The data doesn’t come from Google Earth it comes from Digital Globe. Even in the old days when it came from Google Earth, it was coming from the web and not your local GE installation. In either case, there’d be no reason to expect a polygon you drew in your local installation of GE to show up.

If you have SketchUp 2017 or 2018 Pro, you can get the location and draw the polygon on it. Then export a KMZ file to open in GE.

There is a one way relationship between GE and SketchUp. Google enhanced GE to let it read content that SketchUp creates in a kmz file, but it never extended SketchUp to let it read the native geometry that GE creates.

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